Reima tries to showcase its products in the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism. Maintaining uniform product displays is important to the brand.

“We previously used a regular instant messaging service to monitor displays around the world, says Reima’s Retail Marketing Coordinator”, Lotta Taipale

Store managers sent the images to a message thread, which included the marketing coordinator and visual artist. Reima campaigns change every fortnight, which meant loading up to a hundred images onto the thread quickly, twice a month. As operations became more global, a better solution was needed.

“Photographic material from all over Europe filled up phones’ memory cards and it was almost impossible to follow events, let alone give feedback on product displays. Since we adopted Znapio, the photos have been automatically archived and comments can be added for each photo easily, when giving feedback about a display.”

The images are shown to everyone, so it is easy to seek inspiration from other shops’ displays, even on the other side of the globe.

The management decides who has access to what in the app so that no unauthorized users are able to see other communications that Bosch shares through the tool. For example, external companies only document with limited access.

That was exactly what they needed when they hired an external company for building displays and exhibition walls for a chain customer.

Important tool

Znapio has become a key tool for Reima, and is used actively to communicate on all in-store marketing issues. The application enables the sending of instructions to stores, and instant feedback on actions taken.

“It’s handy for sharing best practices and outstanding displays with other stores",
Lotta Taipale, Retail Marketing Coordinator i Reima

Reima focuses on wholesale channels as well as retail sales.

“The aim is to have Reima products displayed in the same, distinctive style, regardless of the sales channel. The images provide us with important information on how we can better support the wholesale side of the business.”

Whenever someone wanted a particular image from a particular store, Taipale used to struggle to find photos from her hard drive.

“Now, anyone who needs to can access the material themselves from a clearly categorized and orderly image archive.”

Launching the application around the world was easy and Znapio was tailored for Reima’s needs by including Chinese translations, for example. The application is also continuously updated alongside Reima, when the need arises for new features.

“Nobody missed the instant messaging service after the introduction of Znapio”, says Taipale.