Capabilities and Features


Znapio is a powerful tool to manage your retail presence and improve your field sales. We connect the frontline workforce with the administration so that they have a uniform insight of status and can make decisions based on real data.

Our product capabilities are made to give the users an understandable tool that works in every situation and give the administration necessary tools to run the daily business.

Photo management and search

Photos are the core of Znapio. Through our intuitive interface all images are instantly stored in the cloud. All searchable and ready for reporting.


Empower your employees with a quick and easy learning platform. Train your team no matter where they work.

Mobile apps for teams

Inform your team through the Znapio app and let them capture important data through an easy and understandable user interface.

Alerts and notifications

Things change fast these days, and new plans and audits can change on the day.  Make sure you can roll out critical changes on the fly with digital checklists and alerts.

Product detection AI

Reduce time spent on audits and improve accuracy with our image recognition platform. Detect labels and products automatically.

Campaign management

See how each store is executing. Share instructions on the fly and follow your campaigns in real time.

Advanced reporting

Znapio reports help the administration to understand the current situation for campaigns, brands and stores. Make your decisions based on real time data.


Znapio has integrations with Yammer and Workplace for easy sharing to social platforms. Znapio API is built on REST/JSON and we can sync data with external systems when requested.

Teams and locations

Configure your teams access based on their role in the team. Znapio gives you an overview of all your locations that your team visits. Easily organize stores and chains, with adresses, GPS coordinates and responsibilities.

Designed for retail teams

Make life easier for your distributed teams. The Znapio app is an easy to use software which takes the best from social media and business apps. Znapio provides your team with information on the go, enables them to easily capture data from the field and giving you the insights you need to stand out from your competitors.

“Znapio gives us real time data from all shops and is simply a a tool we couldn't do without. Photos and campaign data gives us valuable insight in whats happening in the stores. Znapio is widely used through all our departments and I can easily recommend it to others in the FMCG & retail industry. ”
Per-Arne Baakind
Sales System Coordinator
Mondeléz Norway
Advanced filtering

Photo Management

With our searchable photo gallery you can easily sort on metadata like time, location, user, department, product, category, location, etc. to get detailed insight on store performance.

photo confirmation

Photo Reports for Brand Owners

Photo confirmation made easy. Make beautiful reports with a few clicks for digital sharing with your brand owners or principals.

mobile Tools

Mobile Apps for Teams

We made the app with a mobile workforce in mind, making the reporting process as speedy as possible. Keep your workforce updated and give them tool to capture important data.