Mystery shopping

Elevate your Mystery Shopping experience with Znapio

Znapio platform offering a seamless mobile solution for comprehensive reporting. With our app, effortlessly capture detailed images, fill in digital checklists, and annotate on the go. It’s more than just documentation; it's an all-in-one tool for efficient and accurate assessments. Streamline your evaluation of retail environments, staff interactions, and campaign compliance.

Our app's dual functionality enables quick switching between photo documentation and checklist management, ensuring complete and precise reporting. Instantly share your findings, providing clients with a visual and data-driven overview of your visit. Step into the future of mystery shopping with Znapio, where every detail is captured, analyzed, and shared through a single, powerful app.

Why Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping offers invaluable insights into customer experience, service quality, and operational efficiency, driving improvements and ensuring brand standards are consistently met, ultimately boosting sales and loyalty.

Mobile solution

Utilize the Znapio app to both capture high-resolution images and complete detailed checklists, all within a single, convenient platform.

Before and After photos

Take clear before-and-after photos to visually document store conditions, product placements, and campaign executions with ease.

Check lists

Efficiently fill in digital checklists alongside photo captures, ensuring a structured and comprehensive evaluation of each criteria.

Share reports instantly

Instantly upload photos and completed checklists, enabling quick sharing of reports with clients for prompt decision-making.