Before and after

Capture Every Detail - Before and After Photos Made Easy

Say goodbye to cumbersome photo documentation methods. Our new feature allows you to effortlessly take and submit 'Before' and 'After' photos in one streamlined process. Ideal for professionals who value precision and efficiency, our tool ensures that every detail is captured and catalogued for easy reference.

Discover the power of visual storytelling in your documentation process. Our innovative 'Before and After' photo feature lets you capture the full story of your work, providing clear, timestamped evidence of your progress and expertise. Elevate your client's experience and your professional credibility, all with a simple click.

Why Before and After photos?

Before and after photos are invaluable for demonstrating product transformations, effectiveness, or store layout changes. They offer customers a clear, visual comparison, enhancing trust and driving sales. These photos can also be pivotal in marketing campaigns, showcasing the tangible impact of your products or store improvements, thereby driving customer engagement and reinforcing the value proposition of your retail offerings.

Single submission process

Clearly distinguish between the state of a project or site upon arrival and after completion, ensuring accurate and transparent record-keeping.

Time saving

Quick documentation process. Users can submit both 'before' and 'after' photos in one go, saving time and reducing complexity.

Easy tagging and reference

With photos automatically tagged as 'before' and 'after', retrieving and referencing specific images becomes effortless, enhancing user experience

Visual progress tracking

Enables visual tracking of progress on any project or task, providing a satisfying and clear representation of work done.