Campaign Excecution

See how each store is executing. Share instructions on the fly
and follow your camapaigns in real time.

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Track Campaign Progress

Znapio ensure that all employees know exactly what to do on each location and provides photo proof that the work is executed according to plans.

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Streamline campaign rollouts

Easily track rollout of new campaigns. Make sure that your campaigns are always perfect with photo proof and detailed information.

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Broadcast campaign info and news to your team

Easily share documents and instructions to employees on all locations. So that all new marketing is up to date

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Measure compliance at every location

Znapio gives a real time dashboard for all your locations. See proof of completion and automatically push reminders.

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“Our goal is to be the best cosmetic chain in  campaign implementation and Znapio is a valuable tool for achieving this."
Ulrikke Frøshaug
Marketing Coordinator
Fredrik & Louisa
“Our sellers use Znapio daily around our stores in Norway. Znapio is a tool we had not done without.”
Per-Arne Baakind
Sales System Coordinator
Mondelez Norway
“It’s handy for sharing best practices and outstanding displays with other stores”
Lotta Taipale
Retail Marketing Coordinator
“The app provides everyone with real-time information on the status of campaigns, which enables easy reporting to clients.”
Mikaela Melander
Marketing Coordinator
Conaxess Trade
“Salesrepresentatives and merchandisers can now report executions easily by taking photos while visiting the customer’s store.”
Juha Nousiainen
Field Sales Manager
Nestle Finland
“The app is simple and intuitive to use. We have everything in one place and it is easy to get inspired by other  exhibitions and to find previous projects in the system."
Tommy Borgersen
Country Business Director
Bosch Power Tools

Over 4 000 Happy Users

We help our customers sell more,
by executing merchandising strategies for retail executives,
brand managers and campaign coordinators

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