Znapio has been used since early 2018, when a new, modern alternative was selected to replace the old and inflexible image bank. At Conaxess Trade, 16 representatives use Znapio daily for easy reporting on various activities (e.g., campaign visibility, shelf appearance, price monitoring, etc.) by using the pictures saved in Znapio.

“Znapio has met our needs brilliantly. The app provides everyone with real-time information on the status of campaigns, which enables easy reporting to clients”, says Conaxess Trade’s marketing coordinator Mikaela Melander.

The product’s introduction was straightforward. Training field personnel was easy for the system administrator, Mikaela, who received sufficient induction.

From planning to implementation and monitoring

At Conaxess Trade, Brand Managers create frameworks for the in-shop tasks of sales representatives. Decisions on focus areas and materials are taken in sales strategy planning meetings. Responsibility for implementation remains with sales representatives and the Brand Managers receive email notifications about displays in their area of responsibility. Of course, the app can also be used to follow events with a certain frequency.

“We have a high number of in-store activities, but Znapio makes them easy to follow. We closely monitor visibility and how various actions and resource use affect the results”, says Mikaela.

In addition to real time monitoring, it is easy to plan new campaigns by returning to earlier implementations and selecting the best methods.

“Znapio allows us to see what works in-store and how campaigns can be developed further.”

Information is key

After a year and a half in use, the image archive has accumulated over 6,000 pictures.

“In a year and a half, a single sales representative uploaded around 1,000 pictures. The system’s intuitiveness has also inspired sales representatives to take and forward pictures of issues outside their duties, such as the implementation of competitors’ campaigns.”

Thanks to Znapio, the mass of pictures is automatically archived into specific categories. This allows pictures to be found quickly and used for various kinds of reports or easy, fast brainstorming on new campaigns. The number of pictures correlates directly with the amount of information received.

“Our core activity depends on the widest possible sample of campaign executions, so it’s important that we don’t have to think about the number of pictures, or sorting them. Everything happens automatically and key information is just a few clicks away.”

Sales representatives also see each other’s pictures. This automatically creates consistency across product displays and spurs healthy competition across campaigns. The app has been very positively received.

“Znapio is an effective and handy tool that enables the real-time monitoring of campaigns, from the sales representative all the way to the client.”