Znapio helped HalpaHalli simplify their operations and achieve excellence in 35 stores!

HalpaHalli, is a successful and forward thinking Finnish family-owned retail company with 35 stores and affordable prices. In their pursuit for excellence, offering a uniform and consistent customer experience in all stores, is extremely important to them. To achieve these standards of excellence HalpaHalli decided to reduce administration time by investing in the Znapio merchandising validation application, to monitor its displays nationwide.

Before Znapio each store took many photos of campaign implementations from numerous displays. This resulted in time consuming email reviews, corrections, manually combining different e-mails and making the whole process difficult to manage. With Znapio collaboration communication and administration are simplified to help merchandising teams plan, assign tasks, track progress and comment implementations.

With Znapio photo reports of in-store executions are automatically updated on the administrator’s screen and the head office. The team can discuss, amend and deliver results more efficiently on a one to one or one to many.Znapio's built in communication system ensures each team member has the correct information, to complete their tasks, overcome challenges and improve team performance

In active use

HalpaHalli diligently uses Znapio in all communication and reporting related to store marketing. Through the application, instructions, reminders and visual feedback from any implementation are categorised by location. The team can collaborate and share and over time, HalpaHalli has also found new uses. With Znapio, it's convenient to acknowledge all kinds of procedures relating to in-store execution - and you don't always need a picture, just an acknowledgment is enough to get the matter taken care of.

"Znapio is a great tool for checking off our tasks, so we all get things done and don't have to do manual bookkeeping. Reminding is also really easy. I would estimate that we have saved at least 660 working hours during the first year of operation in receiving job completion reports from the stores and their post-processing.", says Anna-Leena Ronkainen, Area Manager, HalpaHalli.

Store visits by regional managers and evaluation of the store's condition is yet another new way of using Znapio. During store visits, regional managers can document deviations observed in the store with pictures and immediately share their feedback with the store manager.This saves the area managers' time, when a separate feedback report no longer needs to be produced, and corrective measures can be started more quickly.