Quick overview and no more photos via email

Marketing coordinator at Fredrik & Louisa, Ulrikke Frøshaug, is committed to continuously developing and improving campaign areas in the stores. It is equally important to have an overview of how the stores look, as it is to document the above international suppliers that they get the focus they have invested in.

“I used to spend a lot of time with a cumbersome system to provide feedback to suppliers. The daily manager in each store took pictures and send them over email. 37 stores, ten images per store, almost 400 images to be tagged and stored in different folders manually every other week. It took forever and there were a lot of excel sheets with different color codes”, says Ulrikke.

“We needed a new tool for collecting campaign data. So we discovered SnapShop, a mobile app that collects, analyzes and decides real-time data from the various stores around. I have no words describing how much easier my working day became after we started using Snapshop”, says Ulrikke.

Easy, inspiring and uniting app

For a retailer like Fredrik & Louisa, SnapShop works as follows: The head of the individual store has a SnapShop app on the smartphone.

With the app, they take photos of, for example, the sunscreen campaign for July. The pictures are tagged with timestamp and GPS with automatic link to the store. This will then end up in the central photo archive of Fredrik & Louisa in Asker.

“We have many different campaigns going on at the same time. It can be both a main campaign, a window campaign or a display campaign at the entrance. Through the SnapShop app, we get everything stored and documented, and it’s easy to search for past campaigns. “

“With one click, I can see that 92 percent of stores have uploaded photos from the campaign last week. It’s so easy that daily executives use it without having to mess and remind them of it.”

Employees are also very happy to like and comment on each other’s pictures. This makes the entire company feel more dynamic and united.

“We also use this for inspiration. How did the Elisabeth Arden campaign look like at CC Vest last year? Can our store in Trondheim borrow some of the items?”

Campaign data available for everyone

The easy user interface in SnapShop also makes it easy for Ulrikke to share campaign data with the vendors to prove that things actually match the agreement.

“Let’s say that Chanel has made a pop-up in the store in Bergen and have some own guidelines for how it should look. This is promptly documented from the general manager of the store via SnapShop and arrives at me. Then it is a slight matter to pass this on to Chanel, which again communicates this to its principals in Paris.”