For large and medium-sized companies in Norway, it is a real challenge to get an overview of all product campaigns that reach across the country. Do you get what you paid for? Are your brands represented as they should? How is your company going to stay on top of this in a fast and cost-effective way?

There are some solutions for this. Several of Norway's largest companies are now using Znapio, which is solution to collect, share and report store data through an app on the users mobile phone.

With 40 sellers in fields from Lindenes to Nordkapp, Mondelez has a great need to get an insight into how it looks at the shops at any time, where they have placed their snacking products, such as Freia's chocolate and Oreo biscuits. With a relatively low investment in such a system, it has given a good return for the company.

- Our challenge was that we did not have a complete system where we could document our campaigns at any time in the stores in Norway, says Mondelez Norway's sales system coordinator Per-Arne Baakind. He means that using Znapio now has given them a unique overview.

- Our sellers use Znapio daily around our stores in Norway. It gives us real-time data that tells what it looks like on Kiwi in Alta and Rema 1000 in Mjøndalen right now. Znapio is a tool we had not done without, says Baakind.

"Znapio is quick and easy."

Let's take an example: Every Mondelez seller has the Znapio app on the phone. When the seller in charge of Rema 1000 in Svolvær enters the store, he or she uses the Znapio app to photograph the Easter-campaign for Kvikklunsj chocolate, how the sales solution is presented in the store, where it is located, etc.

Each image is automatically tagged with GPS , time stamp, store, category and any comments from the seller. With a single keystroke, the completed image will be sent with all necessary information to Mondelez's own database, where all information is stored. It is time-efficient; The sellers spend about 40-50 seconds photographing, tagging and sending the image to the database. There is no requirement for photo knowledge besides being able to take a mobile photo.

Time efficient

As an administrator at Mondelez, Baakind can easily create and keep an eye on Mondelez's in store campaigns, while sellers will immediately be notified in the app if it is a new, active campaign, and can then report status.

- We have all campaign data stored in the same location and accessible to everyone in Mondelez. We will see if the sales solution is used correctly and at the right place in the store. If something needs to be changed, it's now easy to fix. With Znapio it is quick to get an overview of how it looks in all stores across Norway. It also works as inspiration and exchange of good ideas between the sellers, said Per-Arne Baakind, who is full of praise for BeMobile, the developers of Znapio.

- BeMobile has tailor-made Znapio for Mondelez's use. They have set up categories with our sub-segments, he says.

Mondelez Norway used Znapio for many years until it was decided from their international headquarter to use another tracking system.

- It did not work very well, says Baakind, who was the driver of getting Znapio back as a tracking system in Mondelez.

- We chose to return to Znapio because it worked optimally, and it has now become part of the seller's daily routine. Znapio is also used in Denmark and Finland.


- There is a lot of psychology in where products are placed in stores and how the consumer perceives this. It is therefore important to have this overview updated daily. If you were to send pictures via email, it would be impossible to save this in a systematic way. Now everything comes into predefined directories that instantly gives you the answer to what you're looking for, he continues.

Znapio is not only used as a real-time data tool. Mondelez also has a historical archive, with nearly 30 000 images.

- Since the Znapio search system makes it easy to find earlier campaigns, we also use the solution as inspiration for our sellers. How were our products presented during the summer campaign in 2018? What kind of solutions did we choose for Rema 1000 in Nordfjordeid last year, which we can now use in Sandnes? With just a few keystrokes you can filter out and search down to the smallest detail in the campaign you're interested to know more about, down on each category, seller and department, says Baakind.

- Znapio has become a well-known tool in the Nordic region, and if it's up to me, I would recommend Znapio to Mondelez in other countries too, finishes Baakind.